Learn SwiftUI

Learn SwiftUI

What is declarative syntax?

In this section, you'll learn what declarative syntax is and what immediate benefit it offers for writing clean code. You'll also learn about its counterpart imperative syntax in order to gain understanding from both paradigms.

The declarative syntax is a programming paradigm that allows you to write code in a more formal and procedural way. In essence, the declarative syntax is a way of describing the code you want to write, without having to worry about how it's going to be implemented.

The following is an example of declarative syntax if it was said in spoken language:

“I would like a cup of tea, please"

This is more of a statement than written logic as we are asking for something rather than being concerned about how we are going to get it.

Let's take our first look at SwitUI syntax. Here, we have created a Text Label...

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