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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By : Uchit Hamendra Vyas
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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By: Uchit Hamendra Vyas

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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns
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Chapter 3. Tools and Libraries of AWS DynamoDB

We have understood the strength of the Eclipse plugin in the previous chapter on interfaces. We have seen a few of the basic operations using three interfaces. But along with those interfaces, DynamoDB supports lots of tools and libraries. In this chapter, we will see one such tool that is used along with the Eclipse IDE. We will mostly perform DynamoDB operations using the Java SDK. In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Creating an SDK project

  • SDK operations

  • DynamoDB Local

We can easily create tables, indexes, attributes, and items. After doing all of these offline, we can commit or save to AWS DynamoDB. This is the use of DynamoDB Local.

If we need to insert event data (which is available as a CSV file) into DynamoDB, are we comfortable looking at the CSV file manually and creating one item for every event and finally put it into the table? Is it possible to perform the operation if the item size of the CSV file goes beyond a million...