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NW.js Essentials

By : Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng
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NW.js Essentials

By: Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng

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NW.js Essentials
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NW.js Essentials is my first attempt at becoming a technical book writer. Writing it has been fun and exciting but also quite harsh. There were moments between work and personal issues when I thought I couldn't make it. But here we are! What I want to do now is thank all the wonderful people who have accompanied me on this journey.

First of all, I want to thank the whole open source community. These people are the reason I'm in information technology in the first place. I can still remember when I was 14 and some guy on IRC was teaching me about breaking NetBios to gain access to remote hosts of Microsoft Windows (I swear, I've never done any harm); that was the first time I realized how thrilling technology was to me.

I really can't help being grateful to Roger Wang for all the effort he's taken to make NW.js an easy and stable environment to bring web technologies to our desktops.

I want to personally thank Reshma Raman and Gaurav Sharma, my editors at Packt Publishing. I have never met them in person, but still they have been positive and supportive during the whole writing process.

Thanks to Marco Fabbri, Dan Bendell, and Julio Freitas, for the great job they have done in reviewing this book.

I have to thank Abramo Capozzolo, my employer at Comodolab, for being so open to the use of the latest technologies and for putting people and research above revenues. And of course, I would like to thank my colleague and friend, Christian Pucci, for bringing me in, in the first place.

Thanks to my life partner, Elisa Rocchi, for being present and always understanding despite my recent mood swings. And thanks to my best friend, Andrea Valli, for still being my friend after months of absence.

Thanks to my mother, Patrizia Capacci, for loving me unconditionally.

Finally, I want to dedicate the publication of this book to an old friend who unfortunately is no longer here to share this joy. This is also for you, Andrea Benvenuti.