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Blender 3D By Example

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Blender 3D By Example

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Blender 3D By Example
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A brief introduction to the projects

You will now be introduced to the fun projects that we will do together during each of the later chapters. You will need practice to improve your skills.

The Robot Toy

In this project, you will follow step by step the modeling of a little Robot Toy, starting from a simple cube primitive. This old school mechanic robot will make you re-live your childhood. The goal of this chapter is to teach you the modeling process in Blender. You will gain a good overview of the main modeling tools, such as extrude or loop cut. On the other hand, you will discover what a good workflow is by creating your model according to a reference.

The Alien Character

This project will be exciting! We think you will have enough experience to start learning how to create your own alien character using the sculpting tools of Blender. During the project, you will encounter a new modeling process by creating a base mesh for sculpting. After this, you will understand how to retopologize and keep the details of that sculpt. It will be divided into two parts: the sculpting and the retopology process.

The Haunted House

The Haunted House is a nice but scary little house in the middle of the Pennsylvania...Booooohhhhhhhoooohhh! The legend says that it is haunted by thousands of spectrums. In this project, divided into three parts, you will start by modeling the house and its environment while discovering new modeling techniques, such as the array modifier. After completing the modeling, you will learn how to use the powerful Blender texturing and UV tools in order to add colors to your meshes. Finally, you will use the Cycles nodal editor in order to create materials with the textures previously made. After reading the corresponding chapters, you will have a good understanding of how a full 3D scene is constructed and how to organize yourself for such a big task.

The Rat Cowboy

The Rat Cowboy and the story of the holes in the cheese will be your first animated sequence. It will be a nice starting point to learn more about rigging and animation. The Rat will face a piece of cheese pinched under a rat trap, and he will unsheathe his gun to shoot the cheese. The Gruyère cheese is born. In order to produce a polished final shot, you will learn some compositing tricks and how to render the sequence with Cycles.