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Blender 3D By Example

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Blender 3D By Example

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Blender 3D By Example
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Rigging the Rat Cowboy

Let's do the rig of the Rat Cowboy. We are not going to show the modeling process here as you already know how to model proper characters from the Alien project.

Placing the deforming bones

The first thing that we will need to do for our rig is place the bones that will directly deform our mesh. These are the main bones. In Blender, a rig is contained in an Armature object, so let's go!

Let's begin with the process:

  1. We will first be sure that our character is placed at the center of the scene with his feet on the x axis.

  2. Now we can add a new bone that will be placed in an Armature object (press Shift + A and select Armature | Bone).

  3. Next, we will enter the Edit Mode of our new Armature object, and we will place the bone in the hip location and rename it as hips. You can rename a bone in the right panel of the 3D view in the Item subpanel. Be careful to rename just the bone and not the Armature object.

  4. We can now start to extrude the bones of the spine. To do this, we will...