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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, Second Edition - Second Edition

By : Zander Brumbaugh
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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, Second Edition - Second Edition

By: Zander Brumbaugh

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“I read/worked through the book with my kids to build a game together and I highly recommend pre-teens, teens, and tweens to pick this up as their first book to coding games” -James W. Y III, Technology Integration Specialist at Old Bridge Township Public Schools “...a must-read, must-practice essential book for anyone getting started with building games on Roblox using Luau programming...” -Frederic Markus, President, Feerik Games (Ex-Ubisoft, Nintendo, Rockstar, Disney, LucasArts, and Epic Games) “..includes everything from Roblox Studio menus, the basics of the Luau scripting language, how to tie in real-world (or any world!) physics into your experience of marketing your game as well as some great ideas for where to go next.” -Jay Sebastian, Computer Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer in AI for Games and Simulation Roblox isn't just popular; it's incredibly popular, featuring more than 54 million active players per day. Any experience imaginable can be created on Roblox. Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, 2nd Edition, is a go-to guide for anyone at any age looking to get started with building a game on Roblox using Luau programming. In just about 300 pages, you’ll learn the basics of Luau programming, build two end-to-end games, add customizations to finally publish and monetize them. The bonus chapter ‘50 Cool Things to do in Roblox’ is a perfect end to your learning journey with information nuggets presented with examples to save your time when coding, animating, building avatars, using Robux and so much more. Join Zander, 19-year-old Roblox developer and programmer on this game-development journey and bring your ideas to life
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
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Section I: Introduction to Roblox Development
Section II: Programming in Roblox
Section III: The Logistics of Game Production
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Chapter 2

Q1. What page should you visit if you want to start developing?

A: The Create page.

Q2. If you want to make your experience public or private, which menu should you visit?

A: The Configure Experience menu.

Q3. If you want to change the appearance of your game, such as the icon, thumbnail, or description, which menu should you visit?

A: The Configure Place menu.

Q4. If you want to change what platforms players can play your game on, or how many players can fit in a server, which menu should you visit?

A: Configure Place > Access.

Q5. When your game is ready to release and you want to promote it, which menu should you go to?

A: The Sponsor This Experience or Advertise menu.

Q6. If you want your work in Roblox Studio to be playable from the Roblox website, what must you do?

A: Publish your game via the File menu or by pressing Alt + P.

Q7. What is the word that refers to any kind of object in Roblox?

A: Instance.