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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, Second Edition - Second Edition

By : Zander Brumbaugh
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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, Second Edition - Second Edition

By: Zander Brumbaugh

Overview of this book

“I read/worked through the book with my kids to build a game together and I highly recommend pre-teens, teens, and tweens to pick this up as their first book to coding games” -James W. Y III, Technology Integration Specialist at Old Bridge Township Public Schools “...a must-read, must-practice essential book for anyone getting started with building games on Roblox using Luau programming...” -Frederic Markus, President, Feerik Games (Ex-Ubisoft, Nintendo, Rockstar, Disney, LucasArts, and Epic Games) “..includes everything from Roblox Studio menus, the basics of the Luau scripting language, how to tie in real-world (or any world!) physics into your experience of marketing your game as well as some great ideas for where to go next.” -Jay Sebastian, Computer Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer in AI for Games and Simulation Roblox isn't just popular; it's incredibly popular, featuring more than 54 million active players per day. Any experience imaginable can be created on Roblox. Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, 2nd Edition, is a go-to guide for anyone at any age looking to get started with building a game on Roblox using Luau programming. In just about 300 pages, you’ll learn the basics of Luau programming, build two end-to-end games, add customizations to finally publish and monetize them. The bonus chapter ‘50 Cool Things to do in Roblox’ is a perfect end to your learning journey with information nuggets presented with examples to save your time when coding, animating, building avatars, using Robux and so much more. Join Zander, 19-year-old Roblox developer and programmer on this game-development journey and bring your ideas to life
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
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Section I: Introduction to Roblox Development
Section II: Programming in Roblox
Section III: The Logistics of Game Production
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Introduction to Luau

The Luau language is a fast, procedural programming language adapted from Lua. Lua was originally created in 1993 due to software trade barriers in Brazil, which prevented many from buying specialized software from outside the country. Because of this, the language was designed to be highly customizable and C-based so that programmers could easily make changes to fit their needs. When Roblox began, they used Lua 5.1 but as the platform has expanded, they’ve made enough additions and changes to warrant their own scripting language, Luau. It should be noted that all Lua 5.1 code is valid in Luau, as it is a subset of the current language. That is to say, syntactically, everything is the same but new features have been added.

The goal of this chapter is to give you the knowledge you need to make your first programs in Luau so that you’re ready to become a fully proficient programmer. No prior programming experience is assumed, so we will start by...