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Practical Design Patterns for Java Developers

By : Miroslav Wengner
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Practical Design Patterns for Java Developers

By: Miroslav Wengner

Overview of this book

Design patterns are proven solutions to standard problems in software design and development, allowing you to create reusable, flexible, and maintainable code. This book enables you to upskill by understanding popular patterns to evolve into a proficient software developer. You’ll start by exploring the Java platform to understand and implement design patterns. Then, using various examples, you’ll create different types of vehicles or their parts to enable clarity in design pattern thinking, along with developing new vehicle instances using dedicated design patterns to make the process consistent. As you progress, you’ll find out how to extend vehicle functionalities and keep the code base structure and behavior clean and shiny. Concurrency plays an important role in application design, and you'll learn how to employ a such design patterns with the visualization of thread interaction. The concluding chapters will help you identify and understand anti-pattern utilization in the early stages of development to address refactoring smoothly. The book covers the use of Java 17+ features such as pattern matching, switch cases, and instances of enhancements to enable productivity. By the end of this book, you’ll have gained practical knowledge of design patterns in Java and be able to apply them to address common design problems.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Part 1: Design Patterns and Java Platform Functionalities
Part 2: Implementing Standard Design Patterns Using Java Programming
Part 3: Other Essential Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Part 1: Design Patterns and Java Platform Functionalities

This part covers the purpose of software design patterns. It outlines the fundamental ideas of the object-oriented programming APIE and SOLID design principles and provides an introduction to the Java platform, which is crucial in understanding how to effectively utilize design patterns.

This part contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Getting into Software Design Patterns
  • Chapter 2, Discovering the Java Platform for Design Patterns