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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By : Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven
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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By: Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven

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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials
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Installation troubleshooting

First, let's have a look at some of the common issues during the initial setup of Horizon Workspace.


The most common errors that prevent successful installation are around getting the networking elements to work. We'll cover the two most common problems that we encounter.

Configuring the IP pool

First, verify your IP pool. The IP pool requirements have been discussed in Chapter 2, Design, Install, and Configure, but since it is a common problem, it is worth mentioning one more time. The Horizon Workspace vApp picks up your network properties such as default gateway, DNS server, and domain name from the IP-Pool.

Verify that your IP pool looks something like the following screenshot:

The only things that you should have defined in your IP pool are the Subnet, Gateway, DNS Domain, and one DNS server. An IP pool supports multiple DNS servers, but the Horizon Workspace installer does not. Finally, make sure you have the association made to the network that you...