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Analytics: How to Win with Intelligence

By : John Thompson, Shawn P. Rogers
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Analytics: How to Win with Intelligence

By: John Thompson, Shawn P. Rogers

Overview of this book

Today, business is moving into an era where information is more valuable than services. Organizations that connect information with their products will have a huge advantage. This book helps people understand the power of data analytics and explains how some of the tools available can be applied to a wide range of applications. It begins with a brief history of analytics and explains how it all began. You'll learn about several common analytical approaches and the tools that data scientists use to analyze data. You'll gain insight into some staffing models, technologies, organizational structures, and analytical approaches used in the previous two eras of analytics. As you progress through the chapters, you'll also get a glimpse into the future of the analytical marketplace. After reading this book, you will be able to help your team deploy analytical elements into your operations and become competitive in your business.
Table of Contents (11 chapters)
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Foreword by Tom Davenport

The COE in action

The fundamental purpose of the COE team is to build analytics for the organization. The team may be brought in at the direction of the CEO to tackle a problem that has vexed others in the company, or the project may be one that is new and of strategic importance. The quality of products coming from a factory might be declining, for example, or perhaps customer satisfaction is plummeting, causing increased customer churn. No matter what the project, if it’s based on or leverages analytics, the CAO and COE should own the creation of a solution.

After the COE has had some initial successes in a number of strategic projects, then the peers of the CAO will typically begin requesting that the COE help solve business-unit specific problems. Examples of such projects might include uncovering inefficiencies in the supply chain, predicting the most effective marketing approaches, or recommending the best approaches for reducing theft or loss. The range of problems...