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Learning Object-Oriented Programming

By : Gaston C. Hillar
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Learning Object-Oriented Programming

By: Gaston C. Hillar

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Learning Object-Oriented Programming
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Chapter 1. Objects Everywhere

Objects are everywhere, and therefore, it is very important to recognize elements, known as objects, from real-world situations. It is also important to understand how they can easily be translated into object-oriented code. In this chapter, you will learn the principles of object-oriented paradigms and some of the differences in the approaches towards object-oriented code in each of the three programming languages: Python, JavaScript, and C#. In this chapter, we will:

  • Understand how real-world objects can become a part of fundamental elements in the code

  • Recognize objects from nouns

  • Generate blueprints for objects and understand classes

  • Recognize attributes to generate fields

  • Recognize actions from verbs to generate methods

  • Work with UML diagrams and translate them into object-oriented code

  • Organize blueprints to generate different classes

  • Identify the object-oriented approaches in Python, JavaScript, and C#