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Canvas Cookbook

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Canvas Cookbook

Overview of this book

With the growing popularity of HTML5 Canvas, this book offers tailored recipes to help you develop portable applications, presentations, and games. The recipes are simple yet creative and build on each other. At every step, the book inspires the reader to develop his/her own recipe. From basic to advanced, every aspect of Canvas API has been covered to guide readers to develop their own application, presentation, or game.
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Canvas Cookbook
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Working with custom shapes and styles

Until now we have learned how to draw basic shapes such as lines, arcs, curves, andrectangles. However, using this knowledge you can draw various shapes, such as a pentagon, a hexagon, a cloud, and so on. Our new recipe shows you how. In addition, it also shows you the different ways of filling these shapes with different effects:

The output of our recipe is as follows:

How to do it…

The recipe is given as follows.

The HTML code:

<script src="clouds.js"></script>
<body onload="init()">
<canvas id="MyCanvasArea" width="800" height="300" style="border:2px solid blue;" >
your browser does not support canvas</canvas>
<h1>Cloudy Sky</h1>

The JavaScript code:

var can;
var ctx;
var color;
function init()

  //set the gradient