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Canvas Cookbook

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Canvas Cookbook

Overview of this book

With the growing popularity of HTML5 Canvas, this book offers tailored recipes to help you develop portable applications, presentations, and games. The recipes are simple yet creative and build on each other. At every step, the book inspires the reader to develop his/her own recipe. From basic to advanced, every aspect of Canvas API has been covered to guide readers to develop their own application, presentation, or game.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Canvas Cookbook
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Chapter 4. Images and Videos

This chapter introduces how to work on images and videos. It includes the following topics:

  • Drawing and cropping an image

  • Rendering effects to images

  • Drawing a mirror image

  • Clipping a path

  • Animated clipping

  • Converting canvas to image and back to canvas

  • Working with videos

  • Rendering effects to videos

  • Creating a pixelated image focus