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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Paul Goodey
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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook - Second Edition

By: Paul Goodey

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Salesforce CRM is a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) application that is accessed over the internet. This application greatly enhances a company's sales performance, improves customer satisfaction, and provides a robust customer relationship management system for an organization. Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook, Second Edition enables you to instantly extend and unleash the power of Salesforce CRM and its Lightning Experience framework. It provides clear, comprehensive instructions along with detailed screenshots and code. Whether you are looking for solutions to enhance the core features, such as data management, process automation, data validation, and home page administration, or are looking for ideas on advanced customization techniques, this book will provide you with immediate, practical, and exciting real-world recipes. This book guides you through interesting topics spanning a variety of functional areas. Recipes are provided that allow you to configure, build and extend the capability of Salesforce CRM using the Lightning Experience framework.
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Creating custom field history tracking for opportunities using Process Builder

Salesforce CRM provides a standard feature called field history tracking that allows you to select certain fields with which to track and display details of the change.

Standard field history tracking enables you to select up to 20 standard and custom fields on each object and the field history data is typically retained for up to 18 months. The tracked field history is displayed in the history related list of an object and is not available for reporting.

For some use cases, this out-of-the-box feature for field history tracking may not be adequate. In this recipe, we will create custom field history tracking that has no retention period limit, more flexible reporting, and one that can be extended to track more than 20 fields.

This recipe uses the Process Builder to create a new record whenever the tracked opportunity fields change and this data is stored in a custom object.

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