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RISE with SAP towards a Sustainable Enterprise

By : Adil Zafar, Dharma Alturi, Sanket Taur, Mihir R. Gor
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RISE with SAP towards a Sustainable Enterprise

By: Adil Zafar, Dharma Alturi, Sanket Taur, Mihir R. Gor

Overview of this book

If you’re unsure whether adopting SAP S/4HANA is the right move for your enterprise, then this book is for you. This practical and comprehensive guide will help you determine your next steps toward building a business case, while preparing you for all the possible scenarios and enabling you to make informed decisions during implementation. RISEwith SAP toward a Sustainable Enterprise is packed with clear and detailed advice, including a run-through of what it takes to design the landscape using RISE with SAP. As you go through the chapters, you’ll get a solid understanding of precisely what services are available (such as Process Discovery, data migration, the fit-to-standard approach), and which scope items on RISE with SAP should be considered, allowing you to make the most of RISE with the SAP-based model. Finally, you’ll get an overview of different industry-based use cases and how they can be brought to reality with the platform that’s set up on the RISE with SAP offering. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build a detailed business case to determine if RISE with SAP is the right transformation engine for you, along with a clear idea of optimized landscape design on RISE with SAP that addresses the pain points for your implementation and support activities.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: The Journey with RISE with SAP
Part 3: The Way Forward: The Art of Possible

Exploring CAS packages – what you need to know

In the previous chapter and earlier in this chapter, we reviewed the different tasks and services that are offered as part of RISE with SAP and how they are categorized within the Roles and Responsibilities document as standard, optional, and additional services. We also looked at a few examples of different tasks that have been categorized as CAS packages, which can be performed by the customer or SI. In case both options are not possible, then you can request SAP to perform these activities as part of RISE with SAP. Some of these CAS packages are either one-time or recurring services, depending on your contract. For instance, a one-time request package could be activities such as upgrade execution and data volume optimization.

Some other examples are as follows:

  • Functional upgrade coordination and testing scope
  • Security OSS notes and validation
  • Application operations
  • Data archiving and volume optimization...