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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By : Ganesh Karthik S
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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By: Ganesh Karthik S

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SAP HCM – A Complete Tutorial
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Configuring personnel actions

The personnel actions are all the activities surrounding the employee life cycle, such as hiring, promotion, change in pay, and separation. They are called personnel actions in SAP. Each action will have the infotype populating sequentially based on the infogroups mapped to the action infotype.

The personnel actions in SAP are configured by navigating to SPRO | Personnel Management | Personnel Administration | Customizing Procedures | Actions | Set up personnel actions | Personnel Action Types. This is shown in the following screenshot:

Customizing procedures is an important node where infogroups, menus, and personnel actions all can be customized.The personnel action table looks like the one shown in the following screenshot:

The action type is a two-digit alphanumeric code with text such as hire, change of position, and so on associated with it. Each action type will have the infogroup code mapped to it, and based on the personnel action chosen by the user, the...