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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By : Ganesh Karthik S
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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By: Ganesh Karthik S

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SAP HCM – A Complete Tutorial
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Master data for the Personnel Development component

There are four major activities that can be performed. This depends on whether the modules already implemented are used. The activities are as follows:

  • Organizational plan maintenance

  • Scales

  • Qualifications catalog

  • Careers

If we have the OM module implemented, then we need not perform the organizational plan maintenance step. If the OM component is implemented, the organizational plan maintenance need not be performed separately.

The active integration of PD components will allow us to define the scales, qualitative or quantitative. Examples of quality scales can be as follows:

  • Expert

  • Beginners

Some recommendations while creating qualitative scales are as follows:

  • Define less than 20 proficiencies for a scale

  • At least one proficiency must be created for a scale

Examples of quantity scales can be 100 percentage, where 1 is the lowest proficiency and 100 is the highest proficiency.

The scales are defined by navigating to SPRO | Personnel Management | Personnel...