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VMware Horizon View Essentials

By : Peter von Oven
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VMware Horizon View Essentials

By: Peter von Oven

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VMware Horizon View Essentials
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ThinApp application virtualization

As part of the Horizon View Standard Edition license, ThinApp is also included. Discussing ThinApp in great detail is a whole book in itself, so in this section, we are just going to skim the surface and give you a very high-level overview of the product.

ThinApp is an application virtualization or application-packaging solution that abstracts applications from the underlying operating systems, which is a bit like how a hypervisor decouples an operating system from the physical hardware. However, now we have moved up a level and are looking at separating applications from the operating systems.

So, why do I need ThinApp?

It's designed to eliminate the application conflict and streamline the application delivery and management. One of the key use cases is to deliver applications that might not run or be supported on your operating system version.

An example of this is running Internet Explorer 6 on Windows 7, where IE6 will only run on Windows XP. However, by...