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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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openFrameworks Essentials
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Setting up the screen

The very first thing to code is to set up the global attributes: the project's window title, screen size, rendering frame rate, and background color. To achieve this, add the following lines to the ofApp::setup() function's body in the ofApp.cpp file:

ofSetWindowTitle( "Video synth" );
ofSetWindowShape( 1280, 720 );
ofSetFrameRate( 60 );
ofBackground( ofColor::white );


Downloading the example code

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This code consists of calling four openFrameworks functions, which set the window title to Video synth, the project's drawing area size with width of 1280 pixels and height of 720 pixels, the frame rate to 60 Hz, and the white background, respectively.


All openFrameworks functions and class names...