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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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openFrameworks Essentials
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Creating OSC senders with TouchOSC, Python, and Max/MSP

At this point, we create the OSC sender using openFrameworks and send its data out to the VideoSynth project. But, it's easy to create the OSC sender using other programming tools. Such an opportunity can be useful for you in creating complex projects.

So, let's show how to create an OSC sender on a mobile device using the TouchOSC app and also create simple senders using the Python and Max/MSP languages.


If you are not interested in sending OSC from mobile devices or in Python or Max/MSP, feel free to skip the corresponding sections.

Creating an OSC sender for a mobile device using the TouchOSC app

It is very handy to control your openFrameworks project by a mobile device (or devices) using the OSC protocol.

You can create a custom OSC sender by yourself (see the next chapter, where we explain creating openFrameworks projects for mobiles), or you can use special apps made for this purpose.

One such application is TouchOSC. It's a paid...