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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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Chapter 6. Animating Parameters

Most of the control parameters of our project are represented as GUI sliders. Until now, we adjusted them only manually using the mouse. In this chapter, we will discover several ways to automate sliders by covering the following topics:

  • Using time values for a parameter's automation

  • Using Perlin noise

  • Playing an audio file, capturing the sound from a sound card, and measuring the sound level

  • Reading and parsing data from a text file

At the end of the chapter, we will obtain a project that generates animated visuals, reacts on a prerecorded or captured level of sound, and reads a parameter's values from a text file containing neural data recording.


In our examples, we will consider the automation of GUI sliders only, because you can explicitly see how their values change by looking at the screen. Of course, the considered approach can be used to automate any parameters of the project, even if it is not represented as a slider.