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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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openFrameworks Essentials
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Chapter 7. Distributed and Physical Computing with Networking and Arduino

Until now, we have created a single openFrameworks project that works on a single computer. In this chapter, we will investigate how to create a distributed project consisting of several programs working together and communicating with each other via networking. Also, we will consider how to use an Arduino board to get data from various electronic inputs, such as potentiometers. In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Networking in openFrameworks

  • Receiving and sending OSC data in openFrameworks

  • Creating OSC sender for a mobile device using the TouchOSC app

  • Creating OSC senders in Python and Max/MSP

  • Receiving data from an Arduino board


Along the chapter, we will use networking and Arduino data to adjust just one GUI slider, pinchY. Of course, you can use such data to adjust any other GUI sliders and arbitrary variables of your project.