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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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OpenFrameworks Essentials

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openFrameworks Essentials
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iOS and Android versions

The video synthesizers for iOS and Android are light versions of the desktop project. They are considered in Chapter 8, Deploying the Project on iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi, and include only the matrix pattern generator and the GUI panel. Instead of using the control keys, it uses the double-tap to toggle the GUI. Additionally, these projects use an accelerometer to control two sliders.

The openFrameworks project and source files

The project's code structure is the following:

  • The project uses the ofxGui addon. It is linked to the project using the Pattern Generator wizard for the iOS version. For the Android version, the project is started by copying the example, which has already linked the ofxGui addon.

  • The project's source files are ofApp.h and for iOS and ofApp.h and ofApp.cpp for Android. They are placed in the src folder of the project.

Data files

The project writes and reads its GUI state to the settings.xml file.


A GUI panel includes basic sliders and Global and Primitive groups described in the previous The GUI controls section under the The desktop version section.


A double-tap toggles the GUI visibility.


The accelerometer values control the twistX and twistY sliders.