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Rust Standard Library Cookbook

By : Jan Hohenheim, Daniel Durante
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Rust Standard Library Cookbook

By: Jan Hohenheim, Daniel Durante

Overview of this book

Mozilla’s Rust is gaining much attention with amazing features and a powerful library. This book will take you through varied recipes to teach you how to leverage the Standard library to implement efficient solutions. The book begins with a brief look at the basic modules of the Standard library and collections. From here, the recipes will cover packages that support file/directory handling and interaction through parsing. You will learn about packages related to advanced data structures, error handling, and networking. You will also learn to work with futures and experimental nightly features. The book also covers the most relevant external crates in Rust. By the end of the book, you will be proficient at using the Rust Standard library.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Conventions used

There are a number of text conventions used throughout this book.

CodeInText: Indicates code words in text, database table names, folder names, filenames, file extensions, pathnames, dummy URLs, user input, and Twitter handles. Here is an example: "In the bin folder, create a file called"

A block of code is set as follows:

let s = "Hello".to_string();
println!("s: {}", s);
let s = String::from("Hello");
println!("s: {}", s);

When we wish to draw your attention to a particular part of a code block, the relevant lines or items are set in bold:

let alphabet: Vec<_> = (b'A' .. b'z' + 1) // Start as u8
.map(|c| c as char) // Convert all to chars
.filter(|c| c.is_alphabetic()) // Filter only alphabetic chars
.collect(); // Collect as Vec<char>

Any command-line input or output is written as follows:

name abraham
age 49
fav_colour red
hello world
(press 'Ctrl Z' on Windows or 'Ctrl D' on Unix)

Bold: Indicates a new term, an important word, or words that you see onscreen. For example, words in menus or dialog boxes appear in the text like this.

Warnings or important notes appear like this.
Tips and tricks appear like this.