DWR JavaScript Libraries

DWR includes a few JavaScript libraries that are required for DWR to work and that are also helpful for developers: engine.js, util.js, and gi.js.

The first JavaScript library, engine.js, is the core of DWR's browser-side functionality, and is required for all the pages that use AJAX and DWR. The second library, util.js, contains useful utility functions but is not required for DWR. And the third library, gi.js, is used to integrate DWR with TIBCO General Interface (GI) for AJAX Applications.


The engine.js library is mandatory for DWR applications since it has functions to marshal calls from the dynamically generated JavaScript functions to remote Java classes in the server. The following fragment must be present in all HTML pages that need DWR functionality:

<script type='text/javascript' src='/<web app name>/dwr/engine.js'>

There are a number of options and methods in the engine.js library. The functions in the library are prefixed...