Chapter 6. Backend Integration

This chapter is on integrating web applications with various backend services. Almost all applications involve a database, so the first example in this chapter shows one way of accessing database from the DWR application. The second example integrates with a standard web service while the third example uses JMS messaging to access a backend service. The JMS example also shows how to do Reverse AJAX (Comet) using DWR.

This chapter includes the following sections:

  • Integrating a Database with DWR—shows how DWR is used to access a database

  • Integrating with web services—uses Eclipse tooling to generate a web service client for our DWR application

  • Integrating with a Messaging System—integrates our DWR application with the Python-based "order system" using Active MQ and JMS

Integrating a Database with DWR

Here, we integrate a database with DWR by exposing a database table via a remoted Java class. Our Java class connects directly to the database using JDBC, and related...