Chapter 7. Sample Applications

This chapter includes two sample applications that use some of the functionalities that were presented in the samples in the previous chapters. The first sample application is Collaborative Book Authoring, which enables multiple users to author the same book. The second sample application is a straightforward chat room application.

These samples concentrate on the DWR functionality, which means that much of the features of real production-grade applications are missing from the sample applications. However, the samples show how DWR is used, and it should be easy to enhance applications to production grade using the samples as a starting point for development and as a source of ideas.

Two sample applications in this chapter are as follows:

  • Collaborative Book Authoring—shows how DWR is used to create a web-based, multi-user authoring environment

  • Chatroom—a typical multi-user chat room application using DWR

Collaborative Book Authoring

The Collaborative Book Authoring...