Chapter 3. Getting Started

In this chapter, we are going to set up the development environment for the coding work we will do in the following chapters. We will also have a look at supported environments, configuration, testing, and debugging.

As the development environment for the sample code in this book, we have the following components: Eclipse as IDE, Apache Geronimo 2.x.x as the application server, Java 1.5.x as Java runtime, Firefox 2.0.0.x as the client, and Windows as the operating system (Linux would work just as well).

This chapter includes the following sections:

  • Supported Browsers and Environments—describes which software components are supported by DWR

  • Configuration—presents DWR configuration, including dwr.xml and web.xml files

  • Setting up a development environment—has steps to set up components for development

  • Testing and Debugging—describes how to test and debug while developing applications using DWR

  • Error Handling—describes how DWR handles error handling, and how it is configured...