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Fixing Bad UX Designs

By : Lisandra Maioli
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Fixing Bad UX Designs

By: Lisandra Maioli

Overview of this book

Have your web applications been experiencing more hits and less conversions? Are bad designs consuming your time and money? This book is the answer to these problems. With intuitive case studies, you’ll learn to simplify, fix, and enhance some common, real-world application designs. You’ll look at the common issues of simplicity, navigation, appearance, maintenance, and many more. The challenge that most UX designers face is to ensure that the UX is user-friendly. In this book, we address this with individual case studies starting with some common UX applications and then move on to complex applications. Each case study will help you understand the issues faced by a bad UX and teach you to break it down and fix these problems. As we progress, you’ll learn about the information architecture, usability testing, iteration, UX refactoring, and many other related features with the help of various case studies. You’ll also learn some interesting UX design tools with the projects covered in the book. By the end of the book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to fix bad UX designs and to ensure great customer satisfaction for your applications.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)

Quantitative/data analysis

If you or your client already have an app or a website, hopefully you might be using an analytics tool. It will give you quantitative data that can help you to figure out the user behaviors on your product or service. If you are not using any tool yet, strategize a plan and select the right tools to help you with the analysis; keep in mind identifying and focusing on the data that aligns with your business goals. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, for example, provides metrics and data that can help you to make better decisions about re-designing, design adjustment, or fixing UX issues that can impact on better conversion (even with a simple button, as we saw with the $300 million button, by Jared Spool). You can analyze information such as time on site, clicked links, pages accessing, and especially the conversion points and abandonment.


To monitor events on your website or application, you can also use Mixpanel, which will help you to analyze, for example...