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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development

By : Alex Ogorek
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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development

By: Alex Ogorek

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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development
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Chapter 2. Failing Faster with Prototypes

This chapter is all about getting a wireframe of the project going so that you can fill in the "meat" of the game later. You'll be getting baseline graphics, menus, and the game's flow structure outlined for testing faster than you can blink. Test sooner, fail faster—this is your new motto as a game developer. Even though it may seem very simple to code, that's our intent: to create the minimum viable product—something tangible and working—as soon as possible in order to get a feel of the overall project. We're going to cover the following in this chapter:

  • Why prototype?

  • Getting a scene up and running

  • Creating text (labels)

  • Beginning using sprite sheets with TexturePacker

  • Creating buttons

  • Creating menus, scenes, and scene transitions

  • Creating nodes and units (sprites)

Throughout this book, a complete game will be created from beginning to end, starting with this chapter. Creating an ongoing project will serve two purposes, as follows:

  • Show how each section...