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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development

By : Alex Ogorek
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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development

By: Alex Ogorek

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Mastering Cocos2d Game Development
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Creating a game in Swift instead of Objective-C

The idea behind using Cocos2d-Swift is to switch over to the new programming language, right? Even though the Swift version of Cocos2d is still relatively new, and everything might not be implemented by the time you read this book, it can still be used as the core language when creating a game. So let's make a very simple game here, building upon the core concepts you just learned and combining them with the knowledge you already have of how the Cocos2d engine works in general.

Why use Swift instead of Objective-C? Because, you should be staying up to date with the latest technologies in the field, and Swift is just the next step in that direction. Also, as the years pass by, Apple may slowly deprecate and stop supporting Objective-C (but that's just a theory).

In general, it helps to know more languages if the opportunity calls for it. And if you're interested in web development, Swift feels very similar to JavaScript, so it's like learning...