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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy

By : Zander Brumbaugh
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Coding Roblox Games Made Easy

By: Zander Brumbaugh

Overview of this book

Roblox is a global virtual platform like no other for both playing and creating games. With well over 150 million monthly active users, Roblox hosts all genres of games that can be played by other members of the community using the Lua programming language. Not only can you create games for free, but you can also earn considerable sums of money if from the success of your games, and become part of the vast and supportive developer circle that provides excellent opportunities for networking in a tight-knit community. With this practical book, you'll get hands-on experience working on the Roblox platform. You'll start with an overview of Roblox development and then understand how to use Roblox Studio. As you progress, you'll gradually learn everything you need from how to program in Roblox Lua to creating Obby and Battle Royale games. Finally, you'll delve into the logistics of game production, focusing on optimizing the performance of your game by implementing impressive mechanics, monetization, and marketing practices. By the end of this Roblox book, you'll be able to lead or work with a team to bring your gaming world to life, and extend that experience to players around the world.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)
Section 1: Introduction to Roblox Development
Section 2: Programming in Roblox
Section 3: The Logistics of Game Production

Learning the benefits of Roblox development

Roblox has been a consistently growing platform since its creation in 2006, and in recent years, its growth has accelerated tremendously. As of 2020, more than 100 million unique users play Roblox monthly. Because of this, there has never been a better time to become a Roblox developer as there is an abundance of new players looking for an increasingly diverse variety of games from new creators.

Financial opportunities on Roblox

Perhaps one of the greatest contributing factors to Roblox's overall rise in popularity with developers is the monetary benefits that are offered. These benefits may have been one of your primary motivations to learn more about the platform, and that is to be expected. The top games on the Roblox platform are currently making tens of millions of US dollars from in-game purchases annually.

As a developer, you can earn money from your games through a process called the Developer Exchange, or more commonly called DevEx. Roblox has a virtual currency called Robux, which can only be purchased with real currency. After a player purchases Robux, the balance on their account is updated and then they can spend them freely on any game they want. When a player spends Robux on one of your in-game purchases, 70% of the Robux from that purchase will go to you, as Roblox takes a 30% marketplace fee.

The two types of in-game purchases are as follows:

  • Game passes: Single-time purchases
  • Developer products (more commonly called dev products): Purchased multiple times, for something such as in-game currency

You must accumulate a total of 100,000 Robux and be 13 years old or older in order to be eligible for the Developer Exchange program. In addition to sales you make directly, players of your games that have a Roblox Premium membership grant you additional Robux based on how much time they spend playing your game, though this amount is typically just a fraction of what sales amount to. Furthermore, there are some invite-only programs that allow you to sell character accessories, plugins, and more for Robux, but it is expected that these will become open to the public with time.

When working with a development team in a Roblox group, developers can be paid with Robux either directly or through a percentage of game revenue. Direct pay-outs are a simple action that can be done through the tabs of the Configure Group page and are not a recurring payment. Giving developers a percentage of the game's earnings automatically deposits that amount into their account after it pends for verification. Remember, this can only be done when a game is hosted in a group, not on an individual's profile.

Important note

It may be valuable to remember that after a player makes an in-game purchase, Roblox has a 3-day wait period before those Robux are deposited into a group or personal account in order to verify that the purchase was a legitimate sale.

More information about the Developer Exchange program can be found here:

Improving professional skills

Aside from the monetary benefits of being a Roblox developer, you are uniquely enabled to enhance other skills that you may find applicable in other professional environments. Whether you fulfill the role of project manager or just an additional programmer, you are poised to develop efficient team coordination and communication skills. One of the most sought-after qualities employers look for, especially in STEM, where most work is team-based, is being able to coordinate your work in a team with clear communication. Roblox development is, in my opinion, one of the best places for prospective computer science students to get their start and learn the fundamentals of collaboration. The platform helps develop not only greater programming abilities but also a strong foundation in leadership and eventually fiscal management skills.

Benefits of networking

While working with other people is not always necessary and there have been popular titles established by single-member teams, the social nature of Roblox strongly encourages developers to coordinate with each other to create games, with each developer fulfilling one or more roles in a project. Currently, almost every game at the top of the Popular sort has been created by a team of two or more individuals. With the great success and subsequent growth of some top games on the platform, the development teams of those games have expanded to more than 20 people, though teams of that size are not yet typical.

The best way to get involved with the community and find other developers to collaborate with is through Twitter, as well as the communication application Discord. By having a Twitter account dedicated to your development work, you can post the creations you are most proud of while communicating with other, more popular developers. These new connections with other developers in the Roblox Twitter Community (RTC) may give you the opportunity to collaborate with more well-known individuals and grow your name the more you work. Discord is a communication app that could be compared to Slack. There are a variety of Discord servers that are oriented around Roblox development and are, consequently, an excellent place to show off creations, discuss your work with other members of the community, and find new individuals to direct your efforts with.

Another important type of community for developers is Roblox YouTubers. As YouTubers create content showcasing your games, an impression is made upon their audiences and, as a result, your player count will likely increase from the new publicity. Forming firm connections with these individuals may secure future promotion for your projects while also creating advocates for your work in the process. While there is not always an easy way to connect with these content creators, they often have a Discord or Twitter presence in addition to business emails where they may respond to your inquiries.

Overall, the type of networking described here is the same in many fields of work. Expanding your image and developing your identity and reputation are the most vital elements of your career. Conducting your work legitimately and professionally will have effects that may not be immediately recognized but will certainly be of benefit to you in the future. With better networking abilities, you will become more easily connected with new people who can benefit both your work and reputation.