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Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners

By : Joakim Wassberg
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Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners

4 (1)
By: Joakim Wassberg

Overview of this book

Learning how to code has many advantages, and gaining the right programming skills can have a massive impact on what you can do with your current skill set and the way you advance in your career. This book will be your guide to learning computer programming easily, helping you overcome the difficulties in understanding the major constructs in any mainstream programming language. Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners starts by taking you through the building blocks of any programming language with thorough explanations and relevant examples in pseudocode. You'll understand the relationship between computer programs and programming languages and how code is executed on the computer. The book then focuses on the different types of applications that you can create with your programming knowledge. You'll delve into programming constructs, learning all about statements, operators, variables, and data types. As you advance, you'll see how to control the flow of your programs using control structures and reuse your code using functions. Finally, you'll explore best practices that will help you write code like a pro. By the end of this book, you'll be prepared to learn any programming language and take control of your career by adding coding to your skill set.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Section 1: Introduction to Computer Programs and Computer Programming
Section 2: Constructs of a Programming Language
Chapter 5: Sequence – The Basic Building Block of a Computer Program
Section 3: Best Practices for Writing High-Quality Code
Appendix B: Dictionary


Welcome to the beautiful world of programming. Programming is an art form in which you will use your imagination and creativity to create things. If you know how to program, your possibilities will be endless.

You can use it to create a fun game. Or maybe you want to automate things in your life. Maybe you want to become a professional programmer, and then you will use your skills to work in teams with others to create solutions that will be used by many people for a long time.

Having programming skills is also something that is needed in more and more professions. Your job title will not be that of a software developer. Instead, programming will be a tool that you can use.

I have been teaching programming for over 30 years. I have been teaching people of all ages, from beginners to senior professional developers. During this time, I have seen patterns, especially among beginners.

It took some time before I realized what made so many of my beginner students struggle with grasping programming. The problem was that they had to learn two things at once. First, they needed to understand the very concepts of programming. There are so many concepts and words, both new ones and some that they already know, but that have a slightly different meaning. Secondly, they will also need to learn a programming language. Taking in all this at the same time will become overwhelming for many people. For some, it will be so much that they give up programming for good.

The idea of this book is to focus on one of the two things you need to learn. This book will not focus on any language, but instead, teach you the concepts you need to know and understand to become a programmer. After you have read this book, you can learn any programming language you want, and when you do, you can focus on just learning the language, as the rest you will already know.

With this book, I also want to put things into context, so there will be a bit of history, and some parts will be rather technical. I believe that if you are going to learn something, you cannot just scratch the surface. You need to dive into it and see how things work.

And yes, I was that kid who disassembled my RC car to see how it worked.

Good luck with your endeavors to learn this fantastic art.

This book was written to the music of Talking Heads, and I suggest you listen to it as you read it.