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Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks

By : Heather Ackmann, Bill Kulterman
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Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks

By: Heather Ackmann, Bill Kulterman

Overview of this book

If you’re proud of yourself for finally learning how to use keyboard shortcuts and the search function, but still skip a beat when asked to generate a table of contents, then this book is for you. Written by two experts who’ve been teaching the world about Word for decades, Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks is a powerhouse of demystifying advice that will take you from Word user to Word master. This book takes you on a step-by-step journey through Word essentials with plenty of practical examples. With it, you'll explore different versions of Microsoft Word, its full functionality, and understand how these versions impact collaboration with others. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of working with the legendary text editor, including a whole chapter dedicated to concentrating better with the help of Word. Expert advice will fill your knowledge gaps and teach you how to work more productively and efficiently with text, images, styles, and even macros. By the end of this book, you will be able to make better documents faster and troubleshoot any Word-related problem that comes your way. And because of its clear and cohesive structure, you can easily come back to refresh your knowledge whenever you need it.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Section 1: Working More Efficiently, Together or Alone with Word
Section 2: Making Sense of Formatting Short and Long Documents
Section 3: Help! Word Is Being Strange! Troubleshooting Common Problems

Introduction to cloud storage

Cloud storage refers to a secure, shared location where files are stored. Once stored, they can then be accessed from anywhere if you have a connection to the internet. Now, documents aren't really stored in a mythical place called "the cloud." They are stored on secure servers all over the world. The Microsoft cloud storage option is called OneDrive and it can be used alone or as part of SharePoint or Teams.

Once your files are stored in OneDrive, they are automatically backed up and are accessible from any mobile device that has a connection to the internet. Files stored in OneDrive can be shared with an individual, a group, or your entire organization. Once a document has been shared, you can work with multiple people using the latest collaboration features that Word has to offer, such as tracking changes, reviewing, and commenting. A document that's shared to OneDrive can also be edited by multiple people in real time.