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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By : Sudhi Ranjan Sinha
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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By: Sudhi Ranjan Sinha

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Making Big Data Work for Your Business
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Building your communication strategy

Effective communication requires a potent strategy. Your communication strategy is built from many considerations:

  • Your goals and objectives: You have already worked on them in Chapter 1, Building Your Strategy Framework and Chapter 2, Creating an Opportunity Landscape and Collecting Your Gold Coins

  • Your audience and their needs: We discussed this earlier in the current chapter

  • Developing key messages for the various audiences: You can develop this by overlaying your goals and objectives with audience needs

  • Understanding the various channels of communication available at your disposal: Understanding the reach and effectiveness of the channels of communication available to you

Based on the preceding list, you need to clearly articulate your communication strategy, which describes which key messages you want to convey to your audience and why, how, and what do you expect to achieve out of this exercise.

Let's take an example to clarify how to build a communication...