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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By : Yoav Yohav
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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By: Yoav Yohav

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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook
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Working with the query properties

We can also manage query properties by navigating to the query options located on the Query Panel.

Getting ready

We want to edit the query properties as well as discover the available options.

How to do it...

In the main Query Panel toolbar, we will click on the query properties button located to the right of the combined query icon, as shown in the following screenshot:

The Query Properties panel will appear, enabling us to change the query properties, as shown:

We can find the following options in this panel:

  • Name: This is similar to the previous recipe's discussion.

  • Universe This is the query source name.

  • Limits: Using this, the number of rows in the query and the maximum retrieval time(s) can be limited; these limits can't exceed the universe definitions.

    This feature is mainly good for QA purposes and when we want to quickly apply formatting on a small amount of data while keeping the running time as short as possible. This option can't override the universe...