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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By : Yoav Yohav
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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

By: Yoav Yohav

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SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook
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Working with the filter bar

Another great functionality that filters can provide us is interaction with the report data.

There are cases when we are required to perform quick filtering as well as switch dynamically between values as we need to analyze different filtered datasets.

Working with the filter bar can address these requirements simply and easily.

Getting ready

We want to perform a quick dynamic filtering on our existing table by adding the Country dimension object to the filter bar.

How to do it....

Perform the following steps:

  1. By navigating to the Analysis toolbar and then to the Interact tab, we will click on the Filter Bar icon:

  2. By doing so, a gray filter pane area will appear under the formula bar with a guiding message saying Drop objects here to add report filters, as shown in the following screenshot:

  3. In order to create a new filter, we can either drag an object directly to the filter pane area from the Available Objects pane or use the quick add icon located in the filter bar on...