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Mastering Android Game Development with Unity

By : Siddharth Shekar
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Mastering Android Game Development with Unity

By: Siddharth Shekar

Overview of this book

Game engines such as Unity are the power-tools behind the games we know and love. Unity is one of the most widely-used and best loved packages for game development and is used by everyone, from hobbyists to large studios, to create games and interactive experiences for the Web, desktop, mobile, and console. With Unity's intuitive, easy-to-learn toolset and this book, it's never been easier to become a game developer. You will begin with the basic concepts of Android game development, a brief history of Android games, the building blocks of Android games in Unity 5, and the basic flow of games. You will configure an empty project for the Jetpack Joyride Clone Game, add an environment and characters, and control them. Next you will walk through topics such as particle systems, camera management, prefabs, animations, triggers, colliders, and basic GUI systems. You will then cover the basic setup for 3D action fighting games, importing models, textures and controlling them with a virtual on-screen joystick. Later you will set up Scene for 3D Configuration, create basic gameplays, and manage input controls. Next you will learn to create the interface for the main menu, gameplay, game over, achievements, and high score screens. Finally you will polish your game with stats, sounds, and Social Networking, followed by testing the game on Android devices and then publishing it on Google Play, Amazon, and OUYA Stores.
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Chapter 1. Introduction to Android Game Development with Unity3D

In today's era of smartphones, which once was the era of computers, almost everyone on the planet is holding a smartphone in their hands. About 1 billion Android phones have been sold in 2014, which is a huge audience for developers who work on Android. These developers put their effort into creating high utility apps, which solves the problems of their users or addicting and fun games and allows players to pass the time having fun and enjoying good interactive experiences. This book is mainly focused on covering the latter part, creating addictive fun games, by using a very famous game engine called Unity3D.

This chapter includes the following topics.

  • Introduction to Android
  • Unity3D and Game Engines
  • Basics of Unity Game Development
  • Configuration of Empty Game Projects
  • Starting the Perky Penguin Game
  • Adding the Penguin to the Game