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Learning AndEngine

By : Martin Varga
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Learning AndEngine

By: Martin Varga

Overview of this book

AndEngine is a very popular open source OpenGL (open graphics library) Android game engine, used to create mobile games quickly while maintaining the ability to fully customize them. This book will guide you through the whole development process of creating a mobile game for the Android platform using one of the most popular and easy-to-use game engines available today. Beginning with the very basics, you will learn how to install AndEngine, gather graphics, add sound and music assets, and design game rules. You will first design an example game and enhance it by adding various features over the course of the book. Each chapter adds more colors, enhances the game, and takes it to the next level. You will also learn how to work with Box2D, a popular 2D physics engine that forms an integral part of some of the most successful mobile games. By the end of the book, you will be able to create a complete, interactive, and fully featured mobile game for Android and publish it to Google Play.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Learning AndEngine
About the Author
About the Reviewers

About the Reviewers

Jafar Abdulrasoul [Jimmar] is a computer engineer, Android developer, and game developer from Kuwait, who has worked on a couple of games on different platforms using various technologies such as AndEngine, cocos2d, and Unity 3D.

Jafar began his programming journey while in high school, and later ventured out to seek more knowledge in this field by getting an engineering degree, while working on personal projects, including Android applications and game development, on the side. He was also one of the reviewers for AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook, Jayme Schroeder and Brian Broyles, Packt Publishing.

Rafay Ali is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Karachi, currently working as a senior software engineer at KoderLabs. Besides having two years of experience as a Java developer, he has worked on a couple of languages and tools, including C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Android, and Unity 3D. He loves programming computer games and prototypes new game ideas as a hobby. When he's not working, he can be found on Steam, placing wards in Dota 2.

Sergio Viudes Carbonell is a 31-year-old software developer from Elche, Spain. He develops apps and video games for the Web, iOS, and Android.

He has been playing video games since his childhood. He started playing with his brother's Spectrum when he was five years old. When he bought his first PC (well, his parents did), he was 14 years old and started learning computer programming, computer drawing, and music composing (using the famous FastTracker 2). When he finished high school, he studied Computer Science at the University of Alicante.

His interest in mobile devices started with his first smartphone 12 years ago (2002), when he bought the first Symbian device from Nokia, the Nokia 7650. He really liked the idea that he could develop software that can run everywhere. So, along with his studies and his job, he started creating simple mobile apps for his phone. He really enjoys developing apps for mobile devices, composing music, drawing, and of course, playing video games. So, he decided to put all his hobbies together and develop his first video game for his favorite mobile platform, Android.

So far, Sergio has released three games, several apps, and he continues developing apps and games not only for Android, but also for iOS and the Web.

Sergio was one of the reviewers for AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook, Jayme Schroeder and Brian Broyles, Packt Publishing and Mobile Game Design Essentials, Dr. Claudio Scolastici and David Nolte, Packt Publishing.

Bret Hudson began his programming adventure at the age of 12, starting out with a small program called Game Maker, and quickly expanding to developing web applications, software, and mobile apps. He has experience in over 15 programming and scripting languages as well as knowledge of a multitude of types of database software.