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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By : David Horachek
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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By: David Horachek

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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity
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We have taken the components from mission1, testbed2, and testbed3, and integrated them together into one seamless game. The final game is composed of four scene files, each of which contains a single GameObject hierarchy. The top object in the hierarchy is given a name consistent with the scene filename. Some refactoring of existing systems was then required to fix up the classes at initialization time so that no missing or dangling references would be incurred.

Congratulations! We have now finished our e-learning game framework. Not only did we develop a game that exercises good teaching and learning pedagogy, we also implemented a number of core gameplay systems for the interactive elements in the game. While we proved the technology with a geography trivia game, the framework could be adapted and re-skinned for other topics. Logical potential directions for future work could include adding levels beyond the initial three. This could be done by developing more interactive objects...