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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By : David Horachek
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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By: David Horachek

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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity
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Implementing the core classes for mission one

In this chapter, we will start creating mission one, which presents US geography to the player (state name, flag, and trivia). Let's begin by creating the classes and GameObject instances for this level. To begin, create a new scene file and name it TESTBED.

Creating a terrain

Let's create a nice terrain mesh to replace the ground plane from the previous two levels. With this, we can create a nice-looking mesh for the ground that resembles a park with grass, mountains, and trees by performing the following steps:

  1. In the Assets menu, navigate to Import Package | Terrain Assets. Click on the Import button on the pop-up window that appears next to bring a library of models and textures into Unity for use with the terrain editor.

  2. To create a terrain mesh, let's navigate to CreateOther | Terrain, from the GameObject drop-down list.

  3. On the Set Heightmap resolution pop up that appears, configure the parameters to the following values:

    • Terrain Width, Terrain...