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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By : David Horachek
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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity

By: David Horachek

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Creating E-Learning Games with Unity
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Skinned meshes in Unity3D

A skinned mesh is a set of polygons whose positions and rotations are computed based on the positions of the various transforms in a hierarchy. Instead of each GameObject in the hierarchy have its own mesh, a single set of polygons is shared across a number of transforms. This results in a single mesh that we call a skin because it envelops the transforms in a skin-like structure. It turns out that this type of mesh is great for in-game characters because it moves like skin.


We will now use to download some free models and animations for our game.

Acquiring and importing models

Let's download a character model for the hero of our game.

  1. Open your favorite Internet browser and go to

  2. Click on Characters and scroll through the list of skinned models. From the models that are listed free, choose the one that you want to use. At the time of writing this book, we chose Justin from the free models available, as shown in the following screenshot...