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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

By : Muhammad A.Moniem
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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

3 (1)
By: Muhammad A.Moniem

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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development
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The gameplay mechanic

As mentioned in the previous game, which explains the mechanism of the gameplay loop, it will be better for you to work from scratch to understand the logic you got with the book. With that said, let's break down the gameplay logic:

  1. Once the game starts, the fruitsGame blueprint will reset the score to zero and update its UI text. It will then start picking a random value for the fruits and the positions to be instantiated. It will then start shooting the fruits/bombs to the player.

  2. The fruitsGame blueprint sets the rendering camera to the one we want.

  3. The process of shooting fruits was set to shoot 70 fruits in all per level. You can change this, of course, but it is better to keep it in such a rage to kill the boredom of the long levels and gameplay sessions.

  4. The shooting process contains a custom for loop, which you will learn to create. For this loop, you have to wait 0.7 seconds each time a loop is completed. After that, a random fruit blueprint is picked and a random...