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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

By : Muhammad A.Moniem
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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

3 (1)
By: Muhammad A.Moniem

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Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development
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Alankar Pradhan is from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and did his schooling at I.E.S.'s CPV high school. He is an ambitious person who loves interacting with new people, traveling, spending leisure time with friends, or playing games over PC and mobile. Games have always been a passion in his life. More than just playing games, how things work was his main curiosity. Hence, he decided to pursue his career in the same field. He graduated with a BSc in software development from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He did his master's in game programming (BAC+5 equivalent) from DSK Supinfogame, where he undertook industry-oriented projects to increase his skill set and gave his best to do so. He worked as a game programming intern at The Walt Disney Company India Pvt Ltd. During his internship, he worked on a live project called Hitout Heroes, where he was responsible for the integration of small gameplay modules and the social integration of Facebook into the game. Later, the whole UI implementation, working, flow, and mechanism was managed solely by him. At the end, he was responsible for bug solving and memory management. His name was added in the credits due to the noticeable work accomplished. He also interned as a game programmer with DSK Green Ice Games and is currently working as a video game programmer on a game targeted at PCs and consoles.

He has worked on many small projects in teams as well as individually, sharpening his own skills in various languages, such as C#, C++, Java, Unreal® Script, Python, Lua, Groovy/Grails, and HTML5/CSS. He is familiar with engines such as Unity3D, Unreal® Development Kit, Visual Studio and SDKs such as NetBeans, Eclipse, and Wintermute. In 2013, his dissertation on Comparison between Python and Lua in Gaming Industry got published as a book. He has previously worked as a technical reviewer on a book called Creating E-Learning Games With Unity by Packt Publishing.

Besides this, he even likes to read, listen to music, and write poems and short stories at times. He has his own website ( where he posts his poems and has also published a book called The Art Of Lost Words, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, which is available at


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Mohit Ramani is an engineering graduate from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. He graduated in 2010 and went on to work with some of the major game development companies before starting his own gaming venture in 2013. He has hands-on experience in development of games on Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and consoles and has more than 25 titles under his belt, including major titles on PS2, PSP, PS3, and PC.

He now runs his own gaming company in New Delhi—Digital Agents Interactive Private Limited—where they develop games and interactive solutions for mobiles, PCs, and consoles. They also use technologies such as augmented and virtual reality in their projects to make them more immersive and engaging. Their aim is to be the most innovative gaming company in India.

Personal website:


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Sahil Ramani is an avid graphics and game developer with a master's degree in game development and has experience working in both animation and game studios. His varied experience includes building game engines, tools, and frameworks for personal and professional gain. Among the free game engines available online, he has experience working with Unity 3D, Unreal® Engine, and OGRE in order to build games for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX, apart from iOS and Android.

Sourav Tosh is a software engineer currently working for Electronic Arts. Driven by an early interest in games and programming, he would often write small games and demos and show them to his friends and family. He has worked on titles for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. He has previously worked for Lakshya Digital and Trine Games Studio. He has worked with a number of commercial game engines, including Infernal Engine, Esenthel Engine, Unreal® Engine, and Unity3D Engine. While not reading games programming books or making games, he enjoys playing video games and board games.