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The Art of CRM

By : Max Fatouretchi
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The Art of CRM

By: Max Fatouretchi

Overview of this book

CRM systems have delivered huge value to organizations. This book shares proven and cutting-edge techniques to increase the power of CRM even further. In The Art of CRM, Max Fatouretchi shares his decades of experience building successful CRM systems that make a real difference to business performance. Through clear processes, actionable advice, and informative case studies, The Art of CRM teaches you to design successful CRM systems for your clients. Fatouretchi, founder of Academy4CRM institute, draws on his experience over 20 years and 200 CRM implementations worldwide. Bringing CRM bang up to date, The Art of CRM shows how to add AI and machine learning, ensure compliance with GDPR, and choose between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting solutions. If you’re looking for an expert guide to real-world CRM implementations, this book is for you.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
The Art of CRM
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Chapter 3. Conceptualizing the CRM Design from Business Requirements

With most CRM solutions, you get what you get, but with the right design, you will get what you need. Design is the intentional creation of a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system, or for the implementation of an activity or process. Design can refer to a drawing or other document, or to a created object and the features of it, whether they are aesthetic, functional, economic, or sociopolitical.

In this chapter, we're going to cover the CRM design elements that are driven by business requirements, including:

  • Processes

  • Applications

  • Data

  • Security

  • Integration

  • Deployment decisions

We will walk through the process of design and along the way, I'll recommend some straightforward tools that could help you to manage the process. This chapter will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the high-level design elements that I will make reference to throughout the rest of the book.