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Getting Started with SketchUp Pro

By : David S. Sellers
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Getting Started with SketchUp Pro

By: David S. Sellers

Overview of this book

Owing to its ability to create models quickly and with high level of dimensional accuracy, SketchUp Pro has become a popular choice for many industries, including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design. If you are seeking to adopt Trimble's exceptional design software, Getting Started with SketchUp Pro serves as an ideal primer to prepare and equip you for its use. This book will help you lay the foundation of a project from scratch, set up appropriate units, and follow a guided path to structure your 3D models. You’ll explore the workflows used for creating designs from sketches, making CAD drawings (DWG), and even updating your existing 3D models. Finally, you’ll work with extensions and 3D Warehouse to find new workflows and models to add to your skill set. By the end of this SketchUp book, you’ll be able to confidently create and share models of your design through CAD drawings and 3D views, and even take them online through the 3D Warehouse
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1 – User Interface and Beginning Modeling!
Part 2 – Views, Animations, and Materials
Part 3 – Advanced Modeling and Model Organization
Chapter 9: Entity Info, Outliner, and Tags Dynamically Organize Your Models
Chapter 10: Model Info and Preferences

Part 1 – User Interface and Beginning Modeling!

The learning objectives in Part 1 of this book are to help you understand the basic functionalities of SketchUp Pro and to get you familiar with navigating the user interface. We will begin by reviewing the user interface and Principal tools, including new tools introduced in 2023. Then, we will expand on the “rules” of SketchUp Pro, including how to model with Groups and Components. Part 1 also includes an introduction to all of the tools on the Drawing and Editing toolbars, including the Line, Rectangle, Arc, Move, Push/Pull, and Flip tools.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Beginning with SketchUp Pro
  • Chapter 2, Principal Tools, Axes, and Inferences
  • Chapter 3, Modeling with Groups and Components
  • Chapter 4, Drawing Tools – We Begin Modeling!
  • Chapter 5, Editing Tools – Making Big Changes!