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Game Development with Blender and Godot

By : Kumsal Obuz
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Game Development with Blender and Godot

By: Kumsal Obuz

Overview of this book

Game Development with Blender and Godot is a comprehensive introduction for those new to building 3D models and games, allowing you to leverage the abilities of these two technologies to create dynamic, interactive, and engaging games. This book will start by focusing on what low-poly modeling is, before showing you how to use Blender to create, rig, and animate your models. You will also polish these assets until they’re game-ready, making it easy for you to import them into Godot and use them effectively and efficiently. Next, you will use the game engine to design scenes, work with light and shadows, and transform your 3D models into interactive, controllable assets. By the end of this book, you will have a seamless workflow between Blender and Godot which is specifically geared toward game development. Alongside, you’ll also be building a point-and-click adventure game following the instructions and guidance in the book. Finishing this game will help you take these newly acquired skills and create your own 3D games from conception to completion.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Part 1: 3D Assets with Blender
Part 2: Asset Management
Part 3: Clara’s Fortune – An Adventure Game

Creating post-processing effects

Since we are pretending that Clara is visiting a cave that’s got some human traffic in its past that led to having a pier built and sconces hung on the walls, it’s only normal to expect some areas of it to be really dark. We have been placing lights and turning on shadows to improve the visual fidelity of our scene, but we are fighting against the environment; it’s just too bright.

In this section, we’ll study an interesting Godot node that will control the environment or world settings so that you have a much better hold on how your world looks. This kind of process is also referred to as post-processing since its effects are applied after the directly placed elements such as lights, shadows, reflections, and others have been processed. It comes with a lot of settings, and hopefully, this will be clearer after we explore some.

A node for everything

If you are coming from Unity, then the node system Godot uses might...