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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By : Paul Sokol
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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By: Paul Sokol

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Infusionsoft Cookbook
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Setting up your user signature

Each user inside Infusionsoft has their own profile that contains a customizable signature, which can be merged into automated communications, such as letters and e-mails. Having a user's signature set will save time when configuring those communications.

Getting ready

We need to be logged in to Infusionsoft and inside a specific account.

How to do it...

  1. Hover over the person symbol in the upper-right corner of the page and select Edit My Profile as shown in the following screenshot:

  2. Click on the Signatures tab to display the plain text and HTML signatures.

  3. Configure the user signatures.

  4. Click on Save at the bottom of the page.

The following screenshot shows a preview of an HTML signature:

How it works...

Every communication sent affords us an opportunity to personalize it with one of the users' signatures (such as a sales representative signing off in an e-mail). When this occurs, the system will use whatever is set in this area of the user profile. In most cases, you can choose which signature type you want to merge—either the plain text or the full HTML signature, as shown in the following screenshot:

There's more...

There are many HTML e-mail signature generators and templates available online. To save time, use those as a starting point.