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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By : Paul Sokol
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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By: Paul Sokol

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Infusionsoft Cookbook
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Using images as form submit buttons

If we want to spice things up a bit with a really fancy call-to-action button, we can use an image as the submit button on a web form or landing page.

This hack uses a simple piece of JavaScript to adjust the CSS of the submit button on a web form or landing page.

Getting ready

We need to be logged in to Infusionsoft, inside a specific account and inside a campaign with a web form or landing page. We also want to have a hosted URL for the image.

How to do it...

  1. Open the web form or landing page.

  2. Add an HTML snippet.

  3. In the HTML snippet, write the following and make sure that the width and padding-left are set to the image's actual width and that the height is the image's actual height. Click on Save:

How it works...

This code adjusts the CSS properties of the submit button by using the image as the background image.

There's more...

For extra impact, use an animated .gif as the call-to-action button.