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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By : Paul Sokol
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Infusionsoft Cookbook

By: Paul Sokol

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Infusionsoft Cookbook
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Creating a simple referral request

Social proof is very persuasive. People tend to trust their friends and family more about a buying decision than anything else. Having a system to ask for referrals from your existing customers is a great way to lower customer acquisition costs because referrals are normally easier to close.

Getting ready

We need to be editing a new campaign.

How to do it...

  1. Drag out a new note goal, web form goal, and two sequences.

  2. Connect them as shown in the following image and rename all elements for visual clarity:

  3. Double-click on the note goal, configure the information, and click on Save:

  4. Double-click on the web form icon in the lower-left corner of the web form goal to open Goal Settings.

  5. Change the goal so it can be achieved by any contact; click on Save:

  6. Double-click on the web form goal to edit its content.

  7. Add the following fields to the form and mark them as required:

    • First Name

    • Phone

  8. Update those field labels to be My Friend's Name and My Friend's Phone Number.

  9. Create...